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About The Artist

Photography and me were love at first site! We met while I was persuing a degree in graphic design, another love of I guess I had a little affair, but well worth it!


I describe myself as an artist who thinks like a Graphic Designer, but truely is a Photographer at heart. I absolutely LOVE when things are balanced and are placed in the perfect spot, it puts my head and heart at ease, a little OCD my husband would probably say!


I am so thankful and feel extremely blessed for all that I have in life; my children, my husband, and of course my photography, all of these things complete me. Other things that would be very, very hard to live without would be my coffee from the AM to the PM, from lattes to chai teas, foldgers to starbucks, bring it on! And what's coffee without cake! I absolutely love to bake, especially cake or cupcakes, I love how they put a smile on anyones face, especially my son's face, he LOVES cake, just ask him and he'll tell ya! And FACES! They simply amaze me! No two people photograph the same, and I just LOVE that! Fits one of my favorite sayings: "Be your own kind of Beautiful!"


My goal is to never get full, there's so much life out there, to learn and to see, and of course archive! That's a bit about me! Thanks for taking the time to visit my website! I look forward to hearing from you and capturing those special little moments and memories in your life!

2008 Desiree Anderson Photography