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Session Suggestions

Listed below are various suggestions and recommendations geared toward your specific type of session.




Both women's and men's hands are featured prominantly, cleaned and groomed hands are a plus, a french manicure or clear polish looks great! As mentioned above, women will want to pay attention to hair and makeup. Ladies with longer hair should wear it in a style which can be easily removed from the face. Wear loose fitting clothing and undergarments in order to minimize lines caused by elastics and such. While bras and panties are the culprit, socks and footwear can leave marks as well. Your feet may be included in photograph as well.


Women will want to wear whatever they are comfortable in, as long as it shows off the belly. You can wear as much, or as little, as you like, but I suggest bringing a variety of items. Some good staples include a matching bra and panty set, tank top or camisole, plain white shirt or blouse, and blue jeans. Try to avoid maternity pants with elastic band, if possible. Regular jeans with the buttons or zipper undone looks best. Clothing for men is quite basic. I recommend blue jeans, a white shirt and/or t-shirt, as well as the same in black. If comfortable, you may wish to be photographed shirtless. Matching eachother is not neccessary but coordinating one another makes for a cohesive photograph.




It is strongly recommended that the newborn session takes place within the first 10 days of life. Babies are smaller, lighter and more flexible to pose. This is the ideal time to capture those angelic sleeping shots! Your baby is best photographed "au naturel!" No props are necessary, however, if you have items of sentimental value, feel free to bring them with and we'll incorporate them.


Babies and Children


Lively, bright solids are perfect for high impact photos, or choose pastels for a softer feel. Matching outfits with a hat is adorable. Or matching their outfit to the color of their eyes looks great. The more you bring the better, together we can pick whats best along with props, such as, their favorite stuffed animal. Some great staples include pretty dresses, denim overalls, khakis, and blue jeans. Although bare feet look best, a cute pair of dress shoes can compliment an outfit too.




Whether you're being photographed in a group or as a couple, you should be dressed to coordinate with one another. With couples, I really like them to stay true to their style. Avoid logos and conflicting patterns. Please contact me for more details.




Some great staples for seniors are a pair of jeans, khakis, a simple white and black top. Some sort of long sleeve shirt for more traditional portraits, a nice sweater or sports coat looks great for men and for girls, a nice dress or sweater works great. Bring a variety of styles! But most importantly bring yourself, bring what represents you, who you are! If you're in sports, or have any hobbies that defines who you are, bring along props that reflect such (let photographer know ahead of time). The idea is to capture who you are at this important time in your life. Normally, loud shirts are frowned upon, but if that's what you like, lets get a shot of it!

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